My Story


Pictured is the door that started it all! At least when it comes to my business. 

But let's step back in time to my childhood first. My father was a very avid woodworker, turning professional in 1994 when I was just 14 years old. Even before then, I spent a good number of hours in the shop with him growing up, learning the basics and picking up tricks and techniques. His attention to fine detail was spectacular and he did a lot of antique furniture restoration and repair work on top of creating new pieces. Even if I wasn't helping at the time, he would often call me in to point out how he had repaired a piece or to see what he was building. Working to repair furniture teaches you a lot about construction methods, both the good and the bad, so having this be a part of my early learning of the craft, has helped immensely in my design process.

I also took all the shop classes I could growing up, which were available as early as 7th grade at the time! I have been woodworking as a hobby on and off since I was young, however, it was well into adulthood until I took it to a professional level

Fast forward to summer 2017 when my loving wife gave me the inspiration to get into making wood creations professionally, as we were moving into our first house together. She had a great idea to build a barn door to block off what was intended as a dining room, that we converted into my den/office. So I built a rustic barn door from some reclaimed lumber I had salvaged from some crates at work. After seeing it she suggested I could sell such a thing, so I figured I may make a few of them on the side and see if I can sell them online, which became an immediate hit!


This all officially became a side business in 2017, and as I got a real shop together again, I added furniture into the mix. Through referrals I would keep getting commissions, very quickly growing to the point I took it full time in six short months!

Now I have combined the love of working with my hands, with the skills and knowledge passed down from my loving father, and some great teachers throughout the years, to bring you Berrett Woodworks!

Oh, and a fun fact, I'm still using that same table saw I grew up on almost thirty years ago!