Custom Furniture

No matter what room you are shopping for, and no matter what style you like, if it can be made with wood, chances are we can make it. We work with you and your budget to come up with options that best suite you. 

All of our furniture is built to order, to your specifications. We use high quality building techniques in all of our furniture, for sturdy products that last! 

Ordering Process

Ordering custom furniture can be easier than you may think!

Here are the general steps we take to get you the piece you are looking for!

1: Tell us what you are looking for based on the steps outlined below.

2:Review our free online estimate.

3:Secure your place on our schedule with a 50% deposit, with the balance due at the time of pickup or delivery.

It's that easy! Save yourself the time and frustration of shopping around for the perfect style, no need to hunt for the right color, or correct size. We also offer free local delivery on all orders over $1500! Within 30 driving miles of Woodland Park 80863



For most of us, this is usually the biggest deciding factor when buying anything, so let's get to this one right away. When most people hear "custom" they immediately think expensive. Well, this is not necessarily the case!


We try to work with all budget types to be able to provide a product of higher quality than the big box stores, at an affordable price. However, we will not sacrifice our quality standards to beat the price of an inferior product. All of our products are made from solid wood, and/or cabinet-grade hardwood plywood. We do not use "engineered wood" such as particleboard or MDF. This means we are usually not able to match the price of a similar looking piece that's made from those materials in a factory, but we sure can provide a better, longer lasting product that will save you money in the long run!

This is optional, but one thing that can greatly help us speed up the process in choosing design options and materials used is to simply disclose your budget range with your inquiry. We can then come up with a range of options for you to choose from within that range. 

The Design:


If you already have an example of what you are wanting, you can simply text or email us a photo, along with a description of anything you would like to change, add, or remove from the example. Also let us know what dimensions you would like since any product can be built just for your space!

If you don't have an example, no problem. Simple give us a detailed description, and if you are feeling artsy a simple sketch, and don't worry, we won't judge your artwork!  

Don't know exactly what style you want? We can work with that as well, simply show us some photos of your room and style, and we are happy to make some suggestions! While we are not interior designers, it's no problem for us to come up with a design that complements your style. 

Wood Type and Finish:

Choosing your wood type mainly boils down to your budget, needs, and desired finish. 

Whenever possible, I recommend going with the wood species that has the natural color and grain you are wanting. But this may not always fit into your budget, for example, many people love the dark rich color of walnut, however with the cost of walnut being several times higher than that of other woods, staining a lesser expensive wood the desired color is often a more economical option.

Depending on your budget, we will make recommendations to get the look and finish you want, and are happy to provide pricing on a few options for you to better make your decision.

No matter the wood choice, all our products are protected by a durable top coat. The default sheen for this in most products is a satin finish. Most finishes we offer give a natural, hand rubbed, close to the wood look. We can also offer a high build glossy finish or painted products if that's more your style!

Benefits to using natural woods

  • Richer color depth and beauty

  • Easier to refinish and make repairs if needed

  • It's 100% the real thing!

Benefits to using stained woods

  • You can get the exact color you want, some colors just aren't available naturally

  • Usually more budget friendly

Placing your order:

Once everything is decided and agreed on, we only require a 50% deposit to add you to our schedule. The balance isn't due until pickup or delivery of your product, to ensure you are satisfied with your new piece!

Our average lead time ranges from 4-8 weeks on most projects, but this can vary greatly based on current workload as well as the size or complexity of your project, so please contact us to make sure our lead times work for you before paying your deposit. 

This deposit is non-refundable once we have purchased materials and/or started on your project. Custom orders are not returnable, but we can usually offer to sell your item on consignment if needed. Please contact us for details regarding this option.

Our products are guaranteed for life!


If there is ever a problem related to the workmanship of your item, we are happy to repair it free. This applies to joinery, glue and fasteners, as well as any structural defects. This does not apply to damages caused by improper handling, improper use, or general wear and tear. This guarantee does not cover the finish unless we determine the problem is caused by improper application or a defective product. The guarantee on outdoor furniture is limited to 3 years and does not cover the finish.

Also note that solid wood is an organic material, and may be subject to seasonal wood movement, checking or cracking. These naturally occurring anomalies are not covered under this guarantee unless they affect functionality or compromise it's structural integrity. 

Local customers, within 30 driving miles of 80863, may receive free pickup and delivery of any products needing repair under this guarantee. Shipping fees may apply to non-local customers, but this depends on the nature of the defect, and at our discretion we may decide to cover shipping costs. 

Here are just a few of the types of products we offer!



Looking for a new place to lay your head at night? How about a dresser to organize that closet? No matter what piece you need or want, we are here to listen to your ideas and create a piece just for you!