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About Us

Our Story

Pictured is the door that started it all! At least when it comes to my business. But let's step back in time to my childhood first. My father was a very avid woodworker while I was growing up, so I was always picking up tricks and techniques from him, and his attention to detail was spectacular. I also took all the shop classes I could growing up, which not only were available then, but they started as early as middle school, continuing through my primary education. I had been woodworking as a hobby since, however my love of automobile mechanics, fabrication, and electronics took lead in my professional life, but I have always been very hands on in various trades.
Fast forward to summer 2017, when my loving wife gave me the inspiration to get into making wood creations professionally, when we moved into our first house together. She had a great idea to build a barn door to block off what was intended as a dining room, that we converted into my den/office. So I built a rustic style barn door from some reclaimed lumber I had from some crates at work...  When she suggested I could sell such a thing I figured I may make a couple and see if I can sell them online, which became an immediate hit! So this became a side business, and as I got a real shop together again, I added furniture into the mix. Through referrals I would keep getting commissions, very quickly growing to the point I went full time in 6 short months, with a back log of orders by the end of 2017!
So now I have combined the love of working with my hands, with the skills and knowledge passed down from my loving father, and some great teachers throughout the years, to bring you Berrett Woodworks!
Oh, and a fun fact, I'm still using that same table saw I grew up on almost 30 years ago!

Our Shop and Methods


When we say we are a small business we mean it, which means we can focus on YOU, our customer! Most every hand built piece is made to order, and we can focus on the details that make your piece unique!

Our techniques combine the use of both "modern" power tools, as well as traditional hand tools. We use solid hardwoods in the majority of our products, and employ the use of all wood joinery whenever possible, for very sturdy products that won't loosen up over time, and will last lifetimes!


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