This classic walnut and maple board combines these traditional domestic hardwoods for a great contrast! 


Measures 9" x 16" x 1.25" 


Finished in a natural and renewable mineral oil finish. We recommend the use of our cutting board conditioner to maintain this piece, however, using regular mineral oil to condition it will suffice. We include a free 1.5oz jar of our conditioner with all board and cheese slicer purchases!

Classic Maple and Walnut Cutting Board

  • We hope you enjoy your new Berrett Woodworks cutting board! To properly maintain your board for a lifetime of use, please follow these simple care instructions.

    -Handwash only using mild dish soap

    -Towel dry immediatly, and stand board on edge to fully air dry

    -Avoid extreme heat or freezing temperatures

    -Recondition as needed using food grade mineral oil, or out special cutting board conditioner

    -Please enjoy and use your board! These make great decorations, but there are many benifits to using wood cutting boards including natural antibacterial properties that actually make them more sanitary than plastic boards! They are also easier on your knives than glass or ceramic boards.